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Some people think that oceans are just huge water territories that provide people with fish for food, algae for cosmetics and medicines, oil in offshore areas for production of petroleum and other goods of various industrial branches. However, the ocean is something more than a source for various goods. People do not know what they really have and hence do not appreciate that. Some sciences such as oceanography contribute greatly to the overall knowledge about the World Ocean and different aspects of life in it.Structure of the sea-bed, the principles of in-habitation, the reasons for migration, and many other aspects of life in the ocean are considered by scientists that specialize in oceanography.


Some areas of this science are rather controversial due to the size of the explored territory. Regarding the size of the land territory and the centuries spent in research and observation, it is possible to suppose how much time will take the total exploration of the World Ocean. Moreover, the archeological excavations that take place all over the world had not finished yet. Besides, most sciences intertwine and the researches in one sector influence all other sectors as well as lack of knowledge can impact the total progress.

Marine Geology

As you know, geology involves numerous fields of science as well as other sectors aimed at collecting information about various aspects of life on this planet. Besides, inappropriate information can influence all other sectors. Tsunami and storms that rise in the ocean are explored by marine geologists. Tectonics and paleontological excavations performed in the sea-bed are closely intertwined with marine geology. In addition, geology studies the origin of the waves and ocean streams as well as economical validity of oil production that takes place in ocean.